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My car is basically my purse.

Any other mamas feel like their car is an extension of their purse?

My sweet, amazing, acts of service husband will clean out my car… I am sure more for his sanity than mine, but he will clean it out. Which I am grateful for, but what happens days later?

Everything ends up back in my car.


We need ALL of the things. Whether that be socks, tissues, diapers, shoes, a stroller, books, Thieves, snacks, water bottles, name it we probably have it in my car.

In several situations we need these things that cover the floors of my car. As I shuffle my children out of the house each morning, as we rush off to our day needing of these things pops up sporadically and frequently.

Days filled with radiation, doctor appointments, pre-school, playdates, grocery store trips, stops at the park so my children can run and scream and be silly without me telling them to shush or to settle down.

So, thank you dear husband for cleaning my car, but maybe after we vacuum and clean up the gross-ness, the icky sticky stuff that is left on the car seats we can return all the necessary items that this mom needs to make my life on the go, go round.

My purse extension, if you will. I need all of the things.

Thank you and Happy Friday!

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