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Lighting up the Shadows

What people don’t tell you about having cancer is it doesn’t just rock your body to the lowest

valley it will go. It is also casting a shadow on your mental state, your outlook… it can jade you on life really quickly.

What doctors don’t tell you about cancer is that you can suffer PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, loneliness, mood swings, anger. That you can go from absolute happiness to absolute sadness over one comment.

What the doctors don’t tell you about cancer is that it can rock your marriage… I remember sitting in my first class with fellow cancer warriors and a woman shared that her husband decided to leave her when she was diagnosed. She was all alone, except she had her 14-year-old she still had to care for, be brave for, fight for. All I could think is, thank God Evan was sent to me and meant to be mine.

What doctors don’t tell you is that cancer can change your friendships. Some people disappear, some people assume all is fine, some people can’t handle going too deep, some people that you never expected show up and are incredible, some people from your past reach out, some people are too afraid to ask questions.

What doctors don’t tell you is that there are ways to naturally fight cancer. That you should completely change your lifestyle, your diet, you need to flush your body full of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits and herbs. That you can fuel your body with goodness outside of Western Medicine.

What doctors don’t acknowledge is that Western medicine is not the only way.

I have been battling cancer for over a year now. I was full of fear when first diagnosed and I let the doctors coerce me into accepting the typical path one takes when diagnosed. I felt pushed, I felt forced, I felt there was no other way. I felt like I had no time to decide what I really wanted to do… for fear of my life.

Now that I have almost been through a full year of treatment, it angers me to hear of other ways. More natural ways, less destructive ways, and how it isn’t mainstream to find out about these ways of healing. I, of course, did my best to combine Eastern and Western medicine. I knew that changing my lifestyle could greatly increase my livelihood and chances of a reoccurrence from happening. But many cancer patients don’t, they fully rely on the protocol their Western trained doctors give them. What is frustrating, is they don’t know, they don’t know they are better ways or other ways to immerse into their lives.

Why don’t our western medicine doctors want true healing, cures, better wellness, better quality of life? Why don’t all doctors want to be integrative and immerse themselves in researching better ways for their patients to thrive and get to the soul of the matter? Find out what the root of the problem is…. Why why why why why why why? This dialogue plays over and over in my head.

My faith, Whole30, Camp Gladiator and Young Living have been an amazing grace for me. They give me peace, love, wholeness, confidence, whole foods, true nourishment, safety for my system, free of toxins, free of harsh chemicals, full of nutrients, the ability for me to gain my strength, camaraderie, likeminded warriors, community, encouragement, and purpose.

I hope all cancer warriors know there are other ways, better ways, more ways to fight cancer than just down the mainstream path that the sheeple try to convince us is the only way.

If you don’t get encouragement and support from your western medicine doctor to do this, you may want to find a more integrative doctor. Someone who supports the immersion of Eastern and Western medicine. Someone who is truly concerned about your overall wellness.

I am here to encourage all of you to fight for your life in the best way possible, regardless of the battle. If you find yourself in the shadows, keep pushing until the light shines through. Jesus has filled my heart. He is why I choose joy, and feel at peace with my battle. Without my faith, I would be a lost, lonely, fearful, angry and stuck in the shadows.

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