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Why Is Prayer Important?

I have been quite overwhelmed lately. Life just seems to be on full attack from all angles. Fear mongering is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e and it is driving me bananas. I have never been one to cower in fear, hide or close myself up. I am usually quite the extrovert. But lately, I just am becoming more and more of a homebody… I feel so safe and strong in my bubble.

Then I have to go outside, and from the first step on my porch I feel like I need to wear my armor. Everything I believe in seems to be attacked and it is wearing me out. Surely, I can’t be the only one feeling this way.

The topic that pops up the most lately is prayer. I am tired of people mocking prayer.

For me, prayer is hands down the most important thing in life. When I immerse myself in God's word, it is clearly shown that prayer is what we all need more of. Prayer helps us align our spirit with God so we can live a fruitful, fulfilled life. Will things always be perfect, well of course not, but God will always be our refuge.

Want to know what an answered prayer looks like?

It is that a mama was able to give birth to two babies before diagnosed with cancer that would take away that option.

It looks like that same mama being able to nurse her two daughters for at least a year before chemotherapy had to course through her veins, forcing her to stop breastfeeding before her or her baby were ready.

It looks like the cancer stopping in the lymphnodes instead of being stage four...metastatic.

It looks like this mama, now 20 months from diagnosis, healthy, thriving, and full of life.

Answered prayers look like this mama being alive for her husband and two young daughters.

And these are answered prayers for one person…what about the family who was unable to have a baby for years were blessed with a healthy pregnancy and birth. What about the family who has been out of work for too long found his purpose. What about the children that didn’t have a forever home, were blessed with that before Christmas.

Our prayers are answered.

This world is broken folks, and God is not the reason for the bad… He sent Jesus to win the battle and save us from ourselves. Jesus LOVES everyone, no matter what, no matter where you come from, what you do, what you look like, what you do in your home, what you do outside of your home or what you believe in… every single person receives that love. He yearns for a relationship with us. But this can’t be one sided. We can’t just pray at night listing off all the things we want from God, what we want fixed… we have to have a heart for God. And God may not answer how we want Him too, but guess what? His plan is SO much better than our plan could ever be. The answered prayers may be answered differently, but so much more brilliant than we can even calculate.

I hear you weary friends, life is hard. But keep at it. The battle is won, take heart in that. I know when I remind myself of that peace washes over me. Keep on praying.

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