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There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

When I found out we were pregnant with Henley, I was elated to have two daughters. Visions of their sisterhood immediately danced into my dreams and how it would be filled with sleepovers, giggles in the backseat, pinky promises, secret languages, inside jokes and an entire relationship that would be created between the two of them aside from me. I was eager to choose a H to begin with both of their names, another way to link them forever. I never had a sister, but watched my mom and her sister’s relationship, as a child I loved how often they laughed, loved, hugged and were just forever bonded as sisters. I always a little bummed I never had the chance to enjoy that unique relationship. The closest I got growing up was my cousin Kayla, in the summers and several holidays we spent time together and I would pretend she was my sister.

Now being given the opportunity to raise sisters was such a road of joyfulness ahead. Halen had the best response to becoming a big sister, holding her brand new baby sister, donning her “Big Sister” pink scrubs and piggy tails. She would touch Henley’s nose and fingers, with a huge grin on her face. Whenever the baby cried, we’d ask Halen what Henley needed and Halen would say, “Milk!” Looking back, my mama heart had the greatest day…they day when my family was finally complete.

Now of course, all of my dreams aren’t quite as filled with sisters frolicking in a field of daisies as I had hoped. But then again one sister is three…has a bit of a complex about the fact that she isn’t an only child, doesn’t quite have the concept of sharing down and thinks hugs are comparable to WWE matches. The other sister is one…she is always happy, even when sister pins her to the floor, she’ll get back up and play. Now when Halen really uses the big love on little sister and Henley needs mommy to make it better, we still notice Henley will go back for more. That must be a second child tendency, she is tough as nails, but adores her sister so much that she’ll put up with all of Halen’s big sister qualms.

Now that Henley is growing into her own, I see some truly precious moments between the girls. They give each other kisses every night, and sometimes I can catch a genuine, gentle hug. Henley hangs on every word Halen says, she will sit on the floor near Halen and will literally inch closer and closer to where Halen is sitting just so she can be by her big sister. One day Halen will appreciate the adoration her little sister has for her. One day their two-year age gap will close and they’ll act like the best friends I have raised them to be. One day they’ll beg to sleep over in each other’s rooms, they’ll candidly hold hands on our summer vacations, they’ll grow to love each other more than they can understand.

I look forward to the next 60+ years watching their beautiful sisterhood unfold, bloom and flourish. One of my favorite sayings is, “The best is yet to come,” and I know it’s true, there is so much ahead to celebrate and enjoy and these sisters...they make life cherry sweet.

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