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I will not be silent.

It is time to be real, to be transparent about my journey.

Have you ever cared so deeply about something that it just becomes a part of you? It becomes like a sensation, that starts in your heart and spreads until you take action and DO something about what you truly care about.

Over the last nine months my life has turned upside down… my health has always been important to me, so to be diagnosed with breast cancer with no genetic correlation just baffled me. Then I started thinking about my past, my lifestyle and I started doing extensive research and through this research prevention has become imperative for me to share with others.

My health was always been important to my parents. I was born in the 80s, so we were still new to the processed food phenomenon. My mom was by far one of the healthiest moms I knew in my childhood. We made pretty good choices most of the time…or so I thought. My mom had us eating green peppers instead of chips. We drank milk instead of pop, with our pizza. She snuck in veggies everywhere she could. We always had homemade meals versus store bought food or fast food. Rarely did we eat straight junk food. But I remember treats. We certainly didn’t understand the growing terrible power of sugar, where all it is hidden, and its terrifying effects. We certainly didn’t pay attention to our household products or skincare products…we trusted commercials. Right? Who else gets pulled in by those celebrity faces and their promise for flawless skin? Or a promise for a clean home?

Then I thought about what products I put on my skin… I remember the rave in middle school was to buy your girlfriends gift baskets full of Bath & Body Works… and some of you are thinking, so? Little did I know that those products are full of toxins, full of carcinogens.

I thought about how I spent years buying the cheapest (or sometimes priciest), smelliest lotion, face wash, body wash, candles, lip balm, make up, dish soap, laundry soap, pantry items, the list goes on and on and on. I use(d) my cell phone like it is the most important item in my home. We used Lysol and bleach and all of those types of cleaning products to clean wherever I was living, thinking I was doing more good because I was killing the germs. (Thank you commericals.)

90% of cancers are from lifestyle. Read that again if you need to. Not from genetics, from lifestyle. Why? Because we are not taking care of our bodies. We are more concerned about money than investing in our health… our diet…our skin… our hair… our home… what we breathe.

I have learned that because of free radicals, pollution, diet, cell phones, sleep, sun exposure, chemicals, toxins we are developing more allergies, more mental health issues, diagnosed with more cancers, autoimmune diseases, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, reproductive issues, hormone disrupters, children are having hyperactivity issues, obesity, the list goes on and on and on. And I wonder where my cancer could have come from?

77% of autoimmune diseases today are attributed to our environment and lifestyle

Women apply 168 chemicals every single day.

I just can’t stand by and witness anyone continue to use these toxic chemicals after I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is time to stop burying our head in the sand and stop relying on an ignorance is bliss mentality.

We all should be radically changing our lives. We should be eating whole foods, completely eliminating sugar from our diets, we need to become label readers, we need to understand how these terrible products that are so available to us can greatly (negatively) affect our health. Ingredients like talc, phthalates, bismuth, petroleum, parabens, lead, benzene, coal tar, formaldehyde, and so many more.

It is time to ditch and switch. I implore you to download the ThinkDirty app and start going through your cleaning cabinet, and your bathroom cabinet. If those items are rated higher than a 3 (outside the green parameters) then you need to chuck them.

I encourage you to do research about what the best items are for your whole system, inside and out. I am so passionate about wellness that I am determined to help others with this. I have started my mom with her own ditch and switch… we’ve created a spreadsheet of all the items she uses and one by one we are going to stock her home with clean, plant-based, whole products that will benefit her whole body and work on preventing her from a cancer diagnosis…

You may ask, okay Lauren what products do you suggest? What do you use?

For myself and my family we choose to use Young Living items. Why? Because in all the research I have done they are the only products I can find that are 100% pure, 100% clean and 100% plant-based. I believe these products have helped me in my healing from cancer, in every treatment, in every step. They have helped keep my children healthy despite the flu, strep and viruses flying around every corner of Texas. Young Living invites the public to be part of the harvest of the products, to watch the distillation, to see the bottling. It is nothing like I have ever seen before. We use everything from face wash, face lotion, toothpaste, body lotion, body wash, shampoo, lip balm, laundry soap, dryer sheets, baby wipes, diaper cream, shaving cream, deodorant, sunscreen, insect repellant, supplements, vitamins, probiotics, snacks, household cleaner, hand purifier, cleaning wipes…you get the idea.

I have blueberry eyed girls looking up to me every single day. It is my job to teach them about this world, to protect them, to guide them… how am I being a good role model if I don’t arm them with healthy tools to live their own lives one day?

It is time for a change. Be confident in everything you use, without compromising. Put down these weapons of mass destruction to our country and make wiser choices. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives. 1 in 2 will be diagnosed with cancer. Don’t wait to be sick to make a change, much like myself, make drastic changes now. Your life is worth it, the lives of your children and family are worth the research and the education.

I added some pictures of my journey going through one of the harshest treatment a body can endure, just to remind you what it looks like. If you haven't already, please make a change.

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